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STATUS UPDATE -- Back in the swing of writing, and I have a good chunk of Chapter 19 written out.

My writing style has changed and I plan to revamp the Kaiba fic one last time to make everything uniform, but this will come later. I really want to get to the rest of the story I've planned out.

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Teh Kirby is finally done with school and does not plan to go back for any amount of bribery.

Currently: wedding planning, job searching, crocheting, working on the Kaiba fic, and an original story.


~*~NOTE: Anything on the site that looks like this ---> THIS means that it is unavailable and being worked on.~*~

Greetings! I'm Teh Kirby and I run this website. It houses many, many things. Following the grey-barred menu under the logo graphic:

Teh Kirby's Writings is the page where you can find current writing projects that I am working on.

Puju's Sayins include YGO fanfiction that has been discontinued by my good friend, Puju. They are still a good read even though the are not complete.

Unfinished Business is the place where you can find discontinued/hiatus-status fanfiction and original pieces either done by me, Puju, or the both of us. I know for me, I may come back and try to finish some of these ideas that I've had.

Teh Kirby's FF Blog is my blog where I share silly things and post about status of ficwork.

Please enjoy your stay!

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